• I had trouble with hemorrhoids for several years. At first I didn’t admit to myself I had them, then I told myself they’ll go away on their own, after all I’m too young to have anything serious. After problems became worse and worse, I found HemoSens on the internet and decided to give it a try. Already in the first week the condition improved very much and after the entire treatment period, hemorrhoids are just a distant fading memory. THANK YOU!
    Michael, 26
  • Thank you! Years of fear from pain during defecation disappeared in less than a week.

    Maria, 37
  • I tried several hemorrhoid treatment products, but only HemoSens has truly made a difference. Now I always keep a package of HemoSens in my cabinet if hemorrhoids reappear, which often happens during business trips, December celebrations or a trip to the seaside with friends.
    T.F., 52

  • I can finally sit down for a coffee with friends without being uncomfortable.
    Sasha, 23

  • I thought hemorrhoids will stay with me for the rest of my life. But it really isn’t necessary. HemoSens really works and I strongly recommend it. I rate it 5+.


  • I wish somebody would have told be about HemoSens sooner. Thank you!
    Vito, 39

  • Since I started going to the gym more regularly, I had some problems with my digestion. I also experienced pains during bowel movements and saw bloody traces on the toilet paper. HemoSens solved my problem in a week. As I train often and lift large weights, my hemorrhoids reappeared, so I started another treatment and got rid of them again. I now keep a package of HemoSens handy and when problems arrive I can start treatment immediatelly.
    T.G., 19

  • I didn’t think there was a product that can resolve hemorrhoids, but I found it. HemoSens is a truly fast, effective and simple solution.
    Monica, 26

  • Hemorrhoids appeared for the first time after the birth of my older son. I didn’t want to change my diet too much due to breastfeeding, so I chose HemoSens which takes care of the causes as well as effects. I must say my hemorrhoids disappeared in two weeks.

  • I have been active in sports for my entire life, I also cycle a lot. Hemorrhoids appeared after my 30th birthday and I could not find a good solution even after seeing doctors. In spring my problems reappeared as usual and I tried HemoSens. In the beginning I did not see any major changes except for a somewhat easier digestion, but after 2 weeks the state improved dramatically, so there’s certainly an effect.
    Andrew, 34

  • I mostly work with a computer for over 8 hours per day and recently I couldn’t do much sport due to a knee injury. At the beginning of the year I first noticed bleeding and since my father had hemorrhoids as well (even needed an operation), so I tried to find a cure as soon as possible. I changed my diet a little and found HemoSens on the forums. I am normally quite sceptical about these things, but the state actually improved very much after about 10-12 days.